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Issue brief
Issue Briefs are 2,500-word long essays that examine various topics and their implications, besides making policy recommendations.
# 62, March 2008
Malaysia: March Elections
Baladas Ghoshal
Senior Fellow Centre for Air Power Studies
# 61, March 2008
Return of the Democrats: Pakistan After Elections
# 60, March 2008
Lords of Jade: Mismanaging Myanmar’s Natural Resources
Julien Levesque
Research Intern Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies
# 59, March 2008
Pakistan Elections 2008
# 58, March 2008
Connecting India: A Road Map for New Roads
Dr. Suba Chandran, N Manoharan, Vibhanshu Shekhar, PG Rajamohan, Jabin T Jacob
# 57, December 2007
Talking to ‘Moderate’ Taliban
Mariam Safi
Research Intern, IPCS
# 56, November 2007
ASEAN Summit 2007: Setting India’s Agenda
Vibhanshu Shekhar
Research Fellow Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies
# 55, October 2007
Indian Border Security: Poor Management in Evidence
Gurmeet Kanwal
Additional Director, Centre for Land Warfare Studies
# 54, October 2007
Some New Thoughts on India’s Look East Policy
Baladas Ghoshal
Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Policy Research
# 53, September 2007
Indian Fishermen Catch Gunfire: Maritime Dilemmas Pestering Indo-Sri Lanka Relations
Brian Orland
Research Intern, IPCS
# 52, September 2007
Joint Naval Exercises: A Post-Malabar-2007 Appraisal for India
Cdr. Gurpreet S Khurana
Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses
# 51, September 2007
The Samurai and the Swami Rediscover Each Other
Chietigj Bajpaee
Research Associate, CSIS, Washington DC
# 50, August 2007
India-Sri Lanka Accord: Does It Still Flicker?
MR Narayan Swamy
News Editor, IANS
# 49, July 2007
Sino-Indian Ties: 20th Century Borders for Stable 21st Century Relations
Mohan Guruswamy
Chairman, Centre for Policy Alternatives
# 48, July 2007
China’s New War Concepts for 21st Century Battlefields
Gurmeet Kanwal
Senior Fellow Centre for Air Power Studies
# 47, June 2007
Indo-US Civilian Nuclear Cooperation: Reprocessing Issue Reconstructed
Manpreet Sethi
Senior Fellow Centre for Air Power Studies
# 46, June 2007
Demilitarisation of the Siachen Conflict Zone: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Gurmeet Kanwal
Senior Fellow Centre for Air Power Studies
# 45, April 2007
Air Tigers’ Maiden Attack: Motives and Implications
N Manoharan
Senior Fellow, IPCS
# 44, April 2007
Afghanistan: The Spring Offensive
Research Officer, IPCS
# 43, January 2007
India-Japan Relations
Lalit Mansingh
Former Foreign Secretary
# 42, January 2007
Indo-US Nuclear Deal: Unending Drama in Many Acts
PR Chari
Research Professor, IPCS
# 40, November 2006
Sustaining the Peace Process in Assam
Wasbir Hussain
Director, Centre for Development and Peace Studies, Guwahati & Member, National Security Advisory Board (NSAB). (Views expressed are author’s own.)
# 39, October 2006
Indo-US Strategic Partnership: Are We There Yet?
Lalit Mansingh
Ambassador Mansingh is currently an Executive Committee Member, IPCS. He was earlier India’s Foreign Secretary and Indian Ambassador to the US.
# 38, September 2006
Akbar Bugti and After: Implications for Balochistan and Pakistan
D Suba Chandran
Assistant Director, IPCS
# 37, September 2006
Peace Agreement in Waziristan: New Beginning or a False Dawn?
D Suba Chandran
Assistant Director, IPCS
# 36, March 2006
Parsing the Separation Plan: The Indo-US Subsidiary Deal
PR Chari
Research Professor, IPCS
# 35, January 2006
War Clouds Over Sri Lanka: An Analysis of Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman's Heroes' Day Speeches
Radha vinod Raju
Former Deputy Inspector General of Police, Special Investigation Team (SIT), CBI, which investigated Rajiv Gandhi's assassination
# 34, January 2006
Experts' Letter to the US Congress: A Response
Reshmi Kazi
Research Officer, IPCS
# 33, December 2005
Separation of Civilian and Military Nuclear Facilities
Ashwin Kumar
Research Intern, IPCS
# 32, September 2005
PSI and the Emerging Non-Proliferation Regime
PR Chari
Research Professor, IPCS
# 31, April 2005
The NPT Review Conference: A Policy for India
PR Chari
Research Professor, IPCS
# 30, April 2005
Nepal: Where Do We Go From Here?
# 29, March 2005
Moving the Indo-Pak Peace Process Ahead: Crucial Questions
D Suba Chandran
Assistant Director, IPCS
# 28, January 2005
Pakistan in 2005: Implications for India and Indo-Pak Dialogue
D Suba Chandran
# 27, December 2004
Agitations in Manipur
Bidhan S Laishram
# 26, December 2004
The Crisis in Nepal
Nishchal N Pandey
# 25, August 2004
Naga Peace Talks: Can Delhi Convert the Truce into a Deal?
Wasbir Hussain
Consulting Editor, The Sentinel, Guwahati & Associate Fellow, Institute for Conflict management, New Delhi
# 24, July 2004
Nuclear CBMs Between India and Pakistan
PR Chari
Research Professor, IPCS
# 23, June 2004
War in Waziristan: Implications for Pakistan and India
D Suba Chandran
Assistant Director, IPCS
# 22, May 2004
Nuclear CBMs: What Is Possible?
PR Chari
Research Professor, IPCS
# 21, April 2004
The 10th National People's Congress of the Peoples Republic of China
Jabin T Jacob
Research Officer, IPCS
# 20, April 2004
The Crisis in Nepal: Implications for India
Director, IPCS
# 19, February 2004
T-90S “Bhishma”
Mallika Joseph
Asst Director, IPCS
# 18, January 2004
Bhutan’s “Operation All Clear”: Implications for insurgency and security cooperation
Dipankar Banerjee & Bidhan S Laishram
Director & Research Officer, IPCS
# 17, January 2004
Military Operations in South Waziristan: Issues and Implications
D Suba Chandran
Assistant Director, IPCS
# 15, December 2003
Constitutional Crisis and the Peace Process in Sri Lanka
N Manoharan
Director & Research Officer, IPCS
# 14, November 2003
Madrassas in India
Aisha Sultanat
Research Officer, IPCS
# 13, September 2003
New Indian Initiatives in Kashmir
D Suba Chandran
Assistant Director, IPCS
# 12, September 2003
Deadlock at Cancun: A New Beginning
Prafulla Ketkar
Research Officer, IPCS
# 11, September 2003
Madrassas in Pakistan
D Suba Chandran
Assiatant Director, IPCS
# 10, September 2003
Redefining the Non-Proliferation Norm
PR Chari
Director, IPCS
# 9, August 2003
Sectarian Violence in Pakistan
D Suba Chandran
Ford Fellow, ACDIS
# 8, May 2003
Precision Guided Munitions and Reduced Collateral Damage
Prashant Dikshit
Deputy Director, IPCS
# 7, May 2003
Preemptive Strike: Will it Secure Indian Interests?
D Suba Chandran
Research Officer, IPCS
# 6, April 2003
War on Iraq: Implications for Pakistan
D Suba Chandran
Research Officer, IPCS
# 4, January 2003
Peace Process in Sri Lanka
N Manoharan
Research Officer, IPCS
# 2, January 2003
The North Korean Bomb
Arpit Rajain
Research Officer, IPCS
# 1, January 2003
Impending Elections in Pakistan
PR Chari
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