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Issue brief
Issue Briefs are 2,500-word long essays that examine various topics and their implications, besides making policy recommendations.
# 263, August 2016
REXIT Impact: Flipping the Coin
Prerana Priyadarshi
Research Officer, IPCS
# 262, August 2016
Advancing India's relationship with Japan and South Korea: Quest for Middle Power Cooperation
Prakash Panneerselvam
Post-doctoral Associate, ISSSP, National Institute of Advance Studies (NIAS), Bengaluru, India
# 261, April 2016
State Support to Insurgents in Other States:Resolution or Worsening of Conflict?
Harish Venugopalan
Research Intern, IPCS
# 260, April 2015
Contemporary Taiwan: Domestic Politics, External Relations and India’s Interests
Ranjit Gupta
# 259, April 2015
China’s Dams & Regional Security Implications
Dhanasree Jayaram
# 258, March 2015
Reviving the Dialogue with Pakistan: A New Agenda for India
D Suba Chandran
# 257, November 2014
Indo-US Relations: After Narendra Modi’s Visit
Vivek Mishra
# 256, November 2014
The Indo-Pacific  & the Indo-US Relations: Geopolitics of Cooperation
Shreya Upadhyay
# 255, July 2014
Deterrence, Second Strike and Credibility: Revisiting India’s Nuclear Strategy Debate
Rajesh Basrur
# 254, July 2014
Developments in Syria and Iraq: Implications & Policy Options for India
Ranjit Gupta
# 253, May 2014
Patterns of Naxal Recruitment
Uddipan Mukherjee
# 252, May 2014
An Agenda for the New Government: Policy Options for India in Afghanistan
Rajeshwari Krishnamurthy
# 251, June 2014
An Agenda for the New Government: Policy Options for India in Bangladesh
Sanjay Bhardwaj
Assistant Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
# 250, March 2014
An Agenda for the New Government: Policy Options for India in Maldives
N Manoharan
# 249, March 2014
Caught in the India-China Rivalry: Policy Options for Nepal
Pramod Jaiswal
# 248, March 2014
An Agenda for the New Government: Policy Options for India in Bhutan
Medha Bisht
# 247, March 2014
Post-2014 Afghanistan: Policy Options for India and Iran
Rajeev Agarwal
# 246, March 2014
India’s Strategy Towards the Koreas and Japan
Skand Tayal
# 245, March 2014
China, Indian Ocean & the Nuclear Deterrence: The Destabilizing Effect
Sahil Mathur
# 244, February 2014
Nuclear Materials Security: An Assessment of the NTI Index 2014
PR Chari
Visiting Professor, IPCS, New Delhi
# 243, December 2013
Inside China: Third Party Plenum, November 2013
Jayadeva Ranade
# 242, November 2013
The Russian Pivot to Asia Pacific
Baladas Ghoshal
# 241, August 2013
India & China: Looking Beyond Border Incursions & Li Keqiang's Visit
Jayadeva Ranade
Distinguished Fellow, IPCS & Member, NSAB
# 240, September 2013
Contemporary Ladakh: Partition and Economy of a Border Village - Turtuk
Konchak Pladan
# 239, September 2013
Contemporary Ladakh: Facebook, Twitter & the Social Transformation in Kargil
Gulzar Hussain
# 238, August 2013
Contemporary Ladakh: Culture, Commodification and Tourism
Tashi Lundup
# 237, August 2013
Contemporary Ladakh: A Subtle Yet Strong Patriarchy
Chimat Ladol
# 236, August 2013
Contemporary Ladakh: Evolving Indigenous & Quality Education
Samina Rehman
# 235, August 2013
Contemporary Ladakh: Identifying the “Other” in Buddhist-Muslim Transformative Relations
Sumera Shafi
# 234, August 2013
Contemporary Ladakh: Communal Divide in Kargil & Leh
Fayaz Hussain
# 233, August 2013
China and its Peripheries: Limited Objectives in Bhutan
Tilak Jha
# 232, August 2013
China and its Peripheries: Securing Nepal in South Asia
Jigme Yeshe Lama
# 231, August 2013
China and its Peripheries: Contentious Relations with North Korea
Ranjit Kumar Dhawan
# 230, August 2013
Pakistan’s Internal Security Challenges: Will The Military Cope?
Gurmeet Kanwal
# 229, July 2013
Destruction of the First Temple: Securing the Idea of Indian Nation
Vice Admiral (retd) Vijay Shankar
# 228, July 2013
Upper House Elections & Political Stability in Japan: Abe’s Next Steps
Rajaram Panda
# 227, July 2013
Zero Option & Afghan Stability: Karzai, Obama and the High Stakes in Afghanistan
D Suba Chandran
# 226, June 2013
Social Media: Sri Lanka's New War Zone
J Jeganaathan
# 225, June 2013
Governance and Domestic Politics in Indonesia: Contemporary Challenges & Achievements
Navrekha Sharma
# 224, June 2013
Cracks in Muslim Democracy Model: Radicalization in Contemporary Indonesia
Vibhanshu Shekhar
# 223, June 2013
Towards a New Asian Security Architecture?: India and Japan
Rajaram Panda
# 222, June 2013
Rudderless & Drowning in Tears: The Rohingyas of Myanmar
Roomana Hukil & Nayantara Shaunik
# 221, June 2013
Challenging the Reconciliation Process: Myanmar’s Ethnic Divide and Conflicts
CS Kuppuswamy
# 220, May 2013
China and its Peripheries: Strategic Significance of Tibet
Abanti Bhattacharya
# 219, May 2013
China and its Peripheries: Beijing, Xinjiang & Han-Uyghur Schism
Debasish Chaudhuri
# 218, May 2013
Indian Perspectives: A New Security Architecture for the Gulf
Ranjit Gupta
# 217, May 2013
China and its Peripheries: Beijing and India-Sri Lanka Relations
N Manoharan
# 216, May 2013
China and its Peripheries: Beijing and the BCIM
Ravi Bhoothalingam
# 215, May 2013
China and its Peripheries: Beijing’s Myanmar Strategy
Ranjit Gupta
# 213, May 2013
Emerging Security Architecture in Southeast & East Asia: Growing Tensions in South China Sea
Sonika Gupta
# 212, May 2013
Emerging Security Architecture in Southeast & East Asia: Japan and ASEAN
Rajaram Panda
# 211, May 2013
Emerging Security Architecture in Southeast & East Asia: Beijing’s Strategies towards South China Sea
Jayadeva Ranade
# 210, May 2013
Emerging Security Architecture in Southeast & East Asia: The American Pivot and Rebalancing
PR Chari
# 209, April 2013
The North Korean Threat: More Bark Than Bite
Rajaram Panda
# 208, April 2013
China’s New Leadership: Internal and External Implications of a Fresh Agenda
Jayadeva Ranade
# 207, March 2013
China’s 12th National People’s Congress An Analysis of the Composition and Content
Jayadeva Ranade
# 206, January 2013
India, China and the Nathu La: Securing Trade & Safeguarding the Eco System
Panu Pazo
# 205, January 2013
India, China and the Nathu La: Realizing the Potential of a Border Trade
Bhim B Subba
# 204, January 2013
India, China and the Nathu La: Understanding Beijing’s Larger Strategy towards the Region
Teshu Singh
# 203, January 2013
India, China and the Nathu La: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Namrata Hasija
# 202, January 2013
India, China and the Nathu La: Converting Symbolism into Reality
Pema Wangchuk
# 201, January 2013
Elections in South Korea: Assessing Park's Victory
Rajaram Panda
# 200, January 2013
China’s 18th Party Congress: Trends and Analysis
Jayadeva Ranade
# 199, December 2012
Contemporary China: CCP, Army and the 18th Central Committee
Jayadeva Ranade
# 198, October 2012
China & Japan: Tensions in East China Sea
Teshu Singh
# 197, June 2012
Dual Use or Proliferation?: China’s Janus Face
Martin de Lavernée
# 196, June 2012
Undermining Deterrence?: The Non State Actors and India’s Nuclear Doctrine
Tanvi Kulkarni and Alankrita Sinha
# 195, May 2012
Iran and the Nuclear Conundrum: A War in Waiting?
J Jeganaathan
Research Officer, IPCS
# 194, May 2012
Afghanistan & the International Community: Limitations of Engagement
Aryaman Bhatnagar
Research Officer, IPCS
# 193, May 2012
Iran, International Community & Nuclear Weapons: The Multiple Narratives
Abhijit Iyer Mitra , Ruhee Neog and Tanvi Kulkarni
Research Offiicers, IPCS
# 192, May 2012
The Crisis State: Pakistan’s Security Dilemma
D Suba Chandran
Director, IPCS
# 191, May 2012
Afghanistan-Pakistan-Iran: Radical Islam, Nuclear Weapons and Regional Security
Rana Banerji
Distinguished Fellow, IPCS & Special Secretary (Retd), Cabinet Secretariat
# 190, April 2012
North Korea’s Rocket Launch: Implications of the Fiasco
Rajaram Panda
# 189, April 2012
Connecting South Asia: Experimenting with the Greater Mekong Sub-Regional Model
Panchali Saikia
# 188, April 2012
Connecting South Asia: The Stilwell Road & Sub-Regional Networks
Ruhee Neog
# 187, March 2012
Sino-Indian Strategic Economic Dialogue: Treading a Cautious Corridor
Bhavna Singh
# 186, March 2012
Sino-Indian Strategic Dialogue: An Assessment
Maj Gen (Retd) Dhruv Katoch
# 185, March 2012
Sino-Indian Economic Dialogue: Global Business Plan for an Asian Century
Ravi Bhoothalingam
# 184, March 2012
Sino-Indian Strategic Economic Dialogue: An Analysis
Teshu Singh
# 183, March 2012
Nathu La & the Sino-Indian Trade: Why the lull?
Namrata Hasija
# 182, March 2012
Nathu La & the Sino-Indian Trade: Understanding the Sensitivities in Sikkim
Jayadeva Ranade
Distinguished Fellow, CAPS
# 181, March 2012
National Counter Terrorism Centre for India: Understanding the Debate
PR Chari
# 180, January 2012
Alternative Regional Strategy for India: Exploring Soft Power Options
J Jeganaathan
# 179, December 2011
India’s Credible Minimum Deterrence: A Decade Later
Tanvi Kulkarni and Alankrita Sinha
# 178, December 2011
Sri Lanka and the Peace Makers: A Story of Norway and India
MR Narayan Swamy
# 177, November 2011
Sino-Indian Economic Strategic Dialogue: Beyond the Beijing Round
Bhartendu Kumar Singh
# 176, October 2011
Linking with Southeast Asia: Developing Northeast India’s Tourism Potential
Ruhee Neog
# 175, October 2011
Linking India’s Northeast with Southeast Asia: Significance of Internal Connectivity & Backward Integration
Panchali Saikia
# 174, September 2011
China’s New Development Strategy: Emphasizing Domestic Consumption, Human Resources and R&D
Jayadeva Ranade
Former Additional Secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India
# 173, September 2011
Technology and Nuclear Proliferation: The Problem from Laser Enrichment
PR Chari
# 172, September 2011
Defence Reforms and National Security: Managing Threats and Challenges to India
Gurmeet Kanwal
# 171, August 2011
Election in Thailand: Inherent Contradictions, Regional Divide and the Road Ahead
Prof. Baladas Ghoshal
# 170, August 2011
The Nuclear Debate in Japan: Are there alternatives?
Rajaram Panda
# 169, July 2011
Defining India’s Security: Looking Beyond Limited War and Cold Start Strategies
PR Chari
# 168, July 2011
Preventing Terror Attacks: Role of Human & Technical Intelligence in India
Radha Vinod Raju
# 167, June 2011
The African Safari: Understanding the Sino-Indian Competition in Africa
Prof. Baladas Ghoshal
Distinguished Fellow, IPCS
# 166, May 2011
The Discontent in West Asia: Implications for India
Prof. Anwar Alam
Director, Centre for West Asian Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
# 165, March 2011
Alternative Strategies for India towards Tibet: Between Assertion and Measured Silence
Bhavna Singh
# 164, March 2011
From CTBT to FMCT: The Nuclear Debate in India
PR Chari
# 163, March 2011
Alternative Strategies towards Myanmar: Revising India’s Look-east Policy
Medha Chaturvedi
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