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With a view to develop and hone skills for analysing security-related issues, the IPCS has started an Interns & Visiting Fellows program. We encourage young budding students, pursuing post graduate studies in Political Science, History, International Studies and other related social sciences, as well as M. Phil and Ph. D scholars; desirous of making a career in research and analysis, to apply for these positions.

IPCS accepts applications all through the year; further details of which are given below.
The internship caters primarily to students, interested in gaining knowledge about the South Asian region and the security issues that confront it today. The programme will not only help young researchers to gain work experience, but also equip them with research, writing and other organisational skills which will become invaluable assets in their future area of research work.

Applicants should have finished their graduate/post graduate degree in International Relations, Security Studies, Political Science or any other related subject.
Interns will be selected, depending on their areas of research interest and vacancies / positions available. Preference will be given to candidates interested in working on nuclear issues and Southeast Asia. Interested applicants are advised to apply at least 6 months in advance for internship positions at the Institute. Please note that the IPCS Internship Programme is unpaid in nature.
Three months. Applicants must clearly mention the months for which they are applying for the internship.
The internship at IPCS involves exposure to a range of opportunities from article writing experience, to conference events, to roundtable discussions with dignitaries and experts. As a part of the internship researchers will be expected to produce two 800 word articles per month on suggested topics as well as an Issue Brief or Essay per quarter. Interns will also assist with team administrative duties, such as helping to coordinate IPCS events, as well as contribute to IPCS initiatives such as the outreach program and website developments. Participation in discussion and debate is encouraged.
Three Interns per quarter.
"The environment is an encouraging and inspiring one with many like-minded people focused on interesting global issues from religion to nuclear weapons to regional stability to mention a few. The collaborative nature of the workplace empowers development of ideas and strengthening of research approaches. The team engages regularly group discussions which range from light hearted discourse to considered debate and everyone is included.."

-Shanta Maree Surendran, Research Intern(Feb 2013  to Apr 2013)

"The Institute allows interns the freedom to work on subjects that they find interesting. I did research on insurgent groups in the Afghan-Pakistani border region and wrote three commentaries, a research paper, and an op-ed which was published in the Hindustan Times. I also liked the fact that the IPCS has a wide variety of research programs. The cross-pollination of knowledge from various research areas provides new and interesting insights and ideas. My time at the IPCS has been an unforgettable experience and has convinced me to pursue a career in academia."

-Sander Ruben Aarten, Research Intern(Oct 2012 to Jan 2013)
Interested applicants should fill the Application Form  and along with two letters of reference forward their curriculum vitae to internships@ipcs.org
Names Period of Internship Country/Region
Samundeswari Apr Jun 2014 INDIA
Ms Dibya Shikha Apr – Jun 2014 INDIA
Ms Riffath Khaji Apr – Jun 2014 INDIA
Ms Leonara Juergens Apr – Jun 2014 GERMANY
Mr Vivek Mishra Feb – Jun 2014 INDIA
Ms Shreya Upadhyay Feb – Jun 2014 INDIA
 2013  2012  2011  2010  2009  2008  2007  2006  2005
Names Period of Internship Country/Region
Amruta Karambelkar Nov-Feb INDIA
Vasundhra Thakur Jan-Mar INDIA
Chongtham Gunnamani Jan- Mar INDIA
Sanghita Datta Jan-Mar INDIA
Zainab Akhter Apr-Jun INDIA
Priyankala Manoharan May- Jul SRI LANKA
Tanika Chadha May-Jun INDIA
Shubhra Chaturvedi Jun-Sep INDIA
Lidia Leoni Jul-Sep ITALY
Narayani Basu Jul-Sep INDIA
Debak Das Oct Dec INDIA
Roomana Hukil Oct Dec INDIA
Sander Ruben Aarten Oct Dec NETHERLAND
Nayantara Shaunik Oct Dec INDIA

The Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) is the premier South Asian think tank which conducts independent research on and provides an in depth analysis of conventional and non-conventional issues related to national and South Asian security including nuclear issues, disarmament, non-proliferation, weapons of mass destruction, the war on terrorism, counter terrorism , strategies security sector reforms, and armed conflict and peace processes in the region.

For those in South Asia and elsewhere, the IPCS website provides a comprehensive analysis of the happenings within India with a special focus on Jammu and Kashmir and Naxalite Violence. Our research promotes greater understanding of India's foreign policy especially India-China relations, India's relations with SAARC countries and South East Asia.

Through close interaction with leading strategic thinkers, former members of the Indian Administrative Service, the Foreign Service and the three wings of the Armed Forces - the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force, - the academic community as well as the media, the IPCS has contributed considerably to the strategic discourse in India.

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