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Mr Rana Banerji joined the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) in 1972. Subsequently he served as a senior bureaucrat in the Central Government for 28 years, retiring as Special Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, in 2009. During his service years he dealt with security and intelligence-related issues impinging on National Security Policy formulation, with focused expertise on the South Asian region. He is a member of the Indian Council of World Affairs’ Core Group on Pakistan.

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Rana Banerji

Election Year in Pakistan: Key Dynamics and ProspectsIPCS Commentary, No. 5411, 27 December 2017

Pakistan: Census ComplexitiesIPCS Commentary, No. 5358, 7 September 2017

Trump's Afghanistan StrategyIPCS Commentary, No. 5341, 22 August 2017

Pakistan: The Nawaz OusterIPCS Commentary, No. 5334, 2 August 2017

The ISI and Kulbhushan Jadhav's Second “Confession”IPCS Commentary, No. 5316, 3 July 2017

India-Pakistan: Three Years of Wasted Effort?IPCS Commentary, No. 5293, 9 June 2017

Pakistan and the Panama Papers VerdictIPCS Commentary, No. 5275, 21 April 2017

In Context: Pakistan's New Army Chief Gen BajwaIPCS Commentary, No. 5191, 27 November 2016

Fragility in PakistanIPCS Commentary, No. 5121, 9 September 2016

Book Review: "Much Ado About Nothing"IPCS Commentary, No. 5046, 31 May 2016

Pakistan: Kamals Dramatic Return and the Fate of MQM-AIPCS Commentary, No. 4995, 4 March 2016

Has Peshawar Changed Pakistans Approach to Tackle Terrorism?IPCS Commentary, No. 4867, 1 May 2015

Pakistan: MQM Under SiegeIPCS Commentary, No. 4855, 4 April 2015

The Military Reshuffle in Pakistan: Is the Army Chief firming up his control?IPCS Commentary, No. 4672, 24 September 2014

Pakistan: A Hyper-national Security StateIPCS Commentary, No. 4510, 13 June 2014

Talks with the Taliban: Endgame for the MilitaryIPCS Commentary, No. 4365, 1 April 2014

Pakistan 2013: Civil-Military RelationsIPCS Commentary, No. 4245, 10 January 2014

Pakistan: The Military Shuffle and Consolidation under the New ChiefIPCS Commentary, No. 4226, 26 December 2013

Pakistan: The Hakimullah Mehsud KillingIPCS Commentary, No. 4164, 4 November 2013

Intrusions along LoC/IB in J&K: Pakistans ObjectivesIPCS Commentary, No. 4140, 15 October 2013

Pakistan: Who will be the next Army Chief?IPCS Commentary, No. 4119, 16 September 2013

Pakistan: Civil-Military Relations and the Instrumentalisation of Political PowerIPCS Commentary, No. 4048, 23 July 2013

Pakistan: The Abbottabad Commission of EnquiryIPCS Commentary, No. 4027, 9 July 2013

B. Raman (1936-2013)IPCS Commentary, No. 3998, 17 June 2013

Special Commentary: The Military and Nawaz Sharif in PakistanIPCS Commentary, No. 3972, 5 June 2013

Pakistan Elections 2013: Caretaker Prime Minister & the Election ScenarioIPCS Commentary, No. 3851, 25 March 2013

Pakistan: The Curious Case of Tahir-ul-QadriIPCS Commentary, No. 3799, 21 January 2013

Balochistan: Looking Beyond the Hazara MassacreIPCS Commentary, No. 3793, 15 January 2013

Pakistan: President versus Judiciary versus MilitaryIPCS Commentary, No. 3758, 21 November 2012

Pakistan's Military: Infiltration by the Hizbut Tahrir?IPCS Commentary, No. 3749, 1 November 2012

Kayani's Independence Day Address: Signs of Introspection?IPCS Commentary, No. 3702, 22 August 2012

IPCS Review: Fixing Pakistans Civil-Military ImbalanceIPCS Commentary, No. 3627, 30 May 2012

Is Pakistan Jihads Lebensraum?IPCS Commentary, No. 3399, 10 June 2011

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