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China - BOOK reviews
Strategic Direction of the PLA Navy: Capability and Intent Assessment
Kamlesh K Agnihotri
Reviewer : Vice Admiral (retd) Vijay Shankar
Former Commander-in-Chief, Strategic Forces Command of India and Distinguished Fellow IPCS

India-China Boundary Issues: Quest for Settlement
Ranjit Singh Kalha
Reviewer : Stephen Westcott
Research Intern, IPCS
Chinese and Indian Strategic Behavior: Growing Power and Alarm
George J Gilboy and Eric Heginbotham
Reviewer : PR Chari

Visiting Professor, IPCS
email: prchari@gmail.com

Myanmar/Burma: Inside Challenges, Outside Interests
Lex Rieffel (ed.)
Reviewer : Medha Chaturvedi

Research Officer, SEARP, IPCS
email: medha@ipcs.org

Connectivity Issues in India’s Neighbourhood
Asian Institute of Transport Development (Ed.)
Reviewer : Bhavna Singh

Research Officer, IPCS  

email: bhavna@ipcs.org   

The Dragon's Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa
Deborah Brautigam
Reviewer : Jabin T Jacob

Senior Research Fellow, IPCS

email: jabin@ipcs.org

Report of the International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament
Gareth Evans and Yoriko Kawaguchi(ed.)
Reviewer : Yogesh Joshi
Research Officer, IPCS
email: yogeshjoshidec11@gmail.com
Geopoltical Exotica: Tibet in Western Imagination (South Asia ed. Tibet: A Victim of Geopolitics)
Dibyesh Anand
Reviewer : Jabin T Jacob
Research Fellow, IPCS
e-mail: jabin@ipcs.org
Managed Chaos: The Fragility of the Chinese Miracle
Prem Shankar Jha
Reviewer : Rukmani Gupta
Research Fellow, IPCS
e-mail: rukmani@ipcs.org

India China Relations: The Border Issue and Beyond
Mohan Guruswamy and Zorawar Daulet Singh
Reviewer : Jabin T Jacob
Research Fellow, IPCS
e-mail: jabin@ipcs.org
Nepal's Maoist Movement and Implications for India and China
Nischal Nath Pandey
Reviewer : Maj Gen Dipankar Banerjee
Director IPCS
Asian Security and China: 2000-2010
K. Santhanam and Srikanth Kondapalli (ed)
Reviewer : Bhartendu Kumar Singh
Senior Research Scholar, Chinese Studies, JNU
China and India: Cooperation or Conflict?
Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhu and Jing-dong Yuan
Reviewer : Jabin T Jacob
Research Officer, IPCS
China: Enabling A New Era of Changes
Pamela C M Mar and Frank-Jrgen Richter (eds.)
Reviewer : Jabin T. Jacob
Research Officer, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies
Protracted Contest: Sino-Indian Rivalry in the Twentieth Century
John Garver
Reviewer : Nimmi Kurian
Associate Research Professor, Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi

The Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) is the premier South Asian think tank which conducts independent research on and provides an in depth analysis of conventional and non-conventional issues related to national and South Asian security including nuclear issues, disarmament, non-proliferation, weapons of mass destruction, the war on terrorism, counter terrorism , strategies security sector reforms, and armed conflict and peace processes in the region.

For those in South Asia and elsewhere, the IPCS website provides a comprehensive analysis of the happenings within India with a special focus on Jammu and Kashmir and Naxalite Violence. Our research promotes greater understanding of India's foreign policy especially India-China relations, India's relations with SAARC countries and South East Asia.

Through close interaction with leading strategic thinkers, former members of the Indian Administrative Service, the Foreign Service and the three wings of the Armed Forces - the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force, - the academic community as well as the media, the IPCS has contributed considerably to the strategic discourse in India.

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