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Articles are short 800-850-word commentaries that provide a more analytical view of issues currently in the news.
3 December 2012
North Korea: Another Rocket Launch?
Rajaram Panda discusses the implications of North Korea's planned rocket launch
29 November 2012
Obama – II and the Global Nuclear Disarmament: Will There Be a Revival?
Shubhra Chaturvedi probes the strategy behind the silence on the nuclear disarmament agenda during the third Presidential debate
29 November 2012
India: How Credible is its Ballistic Missile Defence?
Debak Das discusses the credibility and strategic implications of an operational BMD System in India
29 November 2012
IPCS Discussion: China's Role in North Korea's Stability and Regional Security
Teshu Singh reports on the discussion led by Dr. Rajaram Panda, Prof. Srikanth Kondapalli and Dr. Sandip Mishra
9 November 2012
Obama-II and the Indo-US Relationship: Old Issues, New Opportunities
PR Chari looks into the implications of Obama's re-election for Indo-US relations
9 November 2012
Obama-II and the Korean Peninsula: The Road Ahead
Rajaram Panda looks into the implications of Obama's re-election for US foreign policy in the Korean peninsula
2 November 2012
Iran and the US Presidential Debate
Shubhra Chaturvedi analyses the stand taken on Iran during the final US presidential debate
31 October 2012
Indian Nuclear Thought: Doctrinal Confusion
Abhijit Iyer-Mitra builds a case arguing the need for a critical review of India's nuclear doctrine 
23 October 2012
Kudankulam: Nuclear Energy and Protest Movements
Shubhra Chaturvedi highlights the Indian government's apathy towards civil society reactions on the Kudankulan nuclear plant 
22 October 2012
India and Pakistan Missile Flexing: Cruising towards Regional Instability
Debak Das comments on the effect of rising missile tests between India and Pakistan for the South Asian stability
18 October 2012
India-Australia Relations: Julia's Nuclear Tango
Abhijit Iyer-Mitra discusses the ramifications of Jullia Gillard's ability to negotiate with the Indian nuclear establishment  
24 August 2012
India: Double Speak on Nuclear Disarmament
PR Chari examines comments recently made by the NSA for an insight into India’s stand on nuclear disarmament
22 August 2012
Kudankulum: Questioning India’s Capability to Guarantee Nuclear Safety
Shubhra Chaturvedi argues that tritium leakage at Rawatbhata lends itself strongly to the concerns raised in the media about nuclear safety in India
9 August 2012
Indian Membership to the NSG: American Interests and Chinese Opposition
Debak Das suggests that although the process is bound to be long-drawn given Chinese stakes, US’ support inspires India’s confidence 
7 August 2012
‘Chinese Checkers’ at the Nuclear Suppliers Group
Arun Vishwanathan highlights the complexities of some of the main issues discussed at the annual plenary session of the NSG held in June 2012
31 July 2012
Southeast Asian Nuclear Weapons Free Zone Treaty: What is Holding it Up?
Shubhra Chaturvedi writes about the P5’s objections to the Treaty
31 July 2012
India’s Nuclear Doctrine: How Elastic and Transparent should it be?
D Suba Chandran reflects on opacity in and lack of periodic reviews of a political document
9 June 2012
The Non-Traditional Nuclear Threat in South Asia: Managing the Focus
Martin de Lavernée identifies different options to deal with nuclear threats in South Asia emerging from non-state actors
4 June 2012
A Nuclear Deal for Pakistan?
Martin de Lavernée weighs the pros and cons of Pakistan’s renewed demand for a Pakistan-specific nuclear waiver 
23 April 2012
Agni V: What is its Strategic Significance?
PR Chari examines the direction of India’s missile programme
18 April 2012
North Korea: What are the Implications of the Failed Launch?
Radhakrishna Rao on what this may signal for the future course of North Korean provocations
13 April 2012
Seoul Nuclear Security Summit 2012: An Analysis of India’s Position
Abhijit Iyer-Mitra suggests that India’s policies have always subjugated nuclear safety and security to realpolitik concerns
13 April 2012
Seoul Nuclear Security Summit 2012: An Analysis of Pakistan’s Position
J Jeganaathan reveals the anomaly between claims and reality in Pakistan's nuclear policy
13 April 2012
Seoul Nuclear Security Summit 2012: An Analysis of China’s Position
Teshu Singh elaborates China's position on nuclear security and non-proliferation
13 April 2012
Seoul Nuclear Security Summit 2012: An Analysis of Australia’s Position
Tanvi Kulkarni on the evolution of a concept of nuclear security distinct from a purely non-proliferation narrative
13 April 2012
Seoul Nuclear Security Summit 2012: An Analysis of ROK’s Position
Ruhee Neog on the juxtaposing of nuclear commerce with safety and security issues
22 March 2012
The Seoul Nuclear Security Summit: Discovering an Agenda
PR Chari deliberates on the potential items for discussion at the Summit
19 March 2012
North Korea and Iran: A Study in Contrasts
PR Chari on the differences and similarities in the two’s pursuit of nuclear weapons
27 February 2012
US, Iran and Israel: India in a Diplomatic Bind
Sitakanta Mishra recommends a pragmatic calibration of ties based on India’s national interests
16 February 2012
Debate: India’s Nuclear Doctrine and Radiological Weapons
Alankrita Sinha argues against the inclusion of radiological weapons in the WMD category
16 February 2012
Debate: India’s Nuclear Doctrine and Radiological Weapons
Tanvi Kulkarni argues for the inclusion of radiological weapons in the WMD category
15 February 2012
NCBMs: Scaremongering, But with a Purpose
Ali Ahmed argues how putting NCBMs in place will ultimately prove to be in India's interests
7 February 2012
Indo-Pak Nuclear CBMs: The Road to Nowhere
D Suba Chandran reflects on the uncertain future of the Indo-Pak Nuclear CBMs
20 January 2012
Cold Start: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?
Ali Ahmed investigates remarks made by the Indian Army Chief’s on the Cold Start doctrine
20 January 2012
Indo-Pak Nuclear CBMs: Where Talks Fear To Tread
Tanvi Kulkarni probes the future of Indo-Pak Nuclear CBMs based on insights from Indian strategic experts
18 January 2012
India’s Iran Dilemma: Nuclear Fuel or Crude Oil?
J Jeganaathan explores three policy options that India can exercise to secure its energy interests vis-a-vis Iran
16 January 2012
China-South Korea Presidential Summit: Fait Accompli?
Jayadeva Ranade looks at the issues and outcome of the Presidential dialogue between China and South Korea 
30 December 2011
India, Australia and Uranium: What after the ‘Labor’ Pains?
Tanvi Kulkarni suggests that it is too early to reach a conclusion on the issue
30 December 2011
Playboy Magazine and AQ Khan: Incredible Credibility?
Alankita Sinha examines a Playboy magazine article by Joshua Pollack on AQ Khan’s alleged links with India
30 November 2011
Isolating Iran: Is it Counter-Productive?
Anureet Rai makes a case against US strategy towards Iran

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