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Articles are short 800-850-word commentaries that provide a more analytical view of issues currently in the news.
21 May 2014
The Poll Message: Loud and Clear

Shujaat Bukhari analyses how and why the Indian general elections played out in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, the way it did
14 May 2014
Competing poll narratives

Shujaat Bukhari gives a Kashmiri perspective in the recently-concluded Indian general elections 
30 April 2014
Jamaat-e-Islami: Limiting its Ambitions or Learning from the Past?

Ayesha Khanyari traces the origin and transitions in the Jamaat-e-Islami Jammu & Kashmir, and explains its relevance in today's world
24 April 2014
PaK Returnees: A Ditched Lot

Shujaat Bukhari says that the government must take concrete steps for the rehabilitation of returnees
8 April 2014
‘Law’ of Political Inheritance

Shujaat Bukhari writes about the dynamics of dynastic politics in Jammu and Kashmir
4 April 2014
Jammu and Kashmir in the Indian General Elections
Lost in the Bargain

Shujaat Bukhari writes about the upcoming Indian general elections, and the place Kashmir occupies in it
20 March 2014
Climbing the Wrong Hill

Shujaat Bukhari writes about the complex dynamics of the relationship between Kashmiri Pandits and Kashmriri Muslims
13 March 2014
Of Sedition and Cricket

Shujaat Bukhari writes about Kashmiri students cheering for the Pakistani cricket team and argues that, amidst all the commotion, the larger political question of Kashmir has been left unanswered
12 February 2014
Pakistan’s Kashmir dilemma

Shujaat Bukhari analyses why it is in Pakistan's interest to take pragmatic and sincere approaches to resolve the Kashmir issue
7 February 2014
Cross LoC Trade: Continuing Stalemate

Ayesha Khanyari analyses the obstacles to a smooth cross-LoC trade between India and Pakistan, and explains why it is important to weed them out.
6 February 2014
LoC Trade Under Fire

Shujaat Bukhari explains why it is both in India and in Pakistan's interest to ensure the sustainability of cross-LoC trade between the two countries
6 February 2014
Cross-LoC Trade and Our Collective Failure

D Suba Chandran analyses the underlying problems that plague cross-LoC trade between India and Pakistan
13 January 2014
Seminar Report
Conflict Early Warning: Contemporary Regional Environment & Implications for J&K

Ayesha Khanyari reports on the discussion in Jammu in December 2013

13 January 2014
Year in Review
Jammu and Kashmir 2013: Missed Opportunities

Ayesha Khanyari presents an annual round-up
27 December 2013
Peace Audit
Ten Years of Ceasefire along the LoC: Through Elections and Media Ratings

Dr Salma Malik highlights the perspectives from Pakistan
27 December 2013
Conflict Early Warning
Afghan Mujahideen and J&K: How real is the threat?

26 December 2013
DGMOs Break the Ice
Shujaat Bukhari on what needs to be done next after the meeting
20 December 2013
Peace Audit
Ten Years of Ceasefire along the LoC: Recent Violations

Muhammad Faisal says that the post-election scenario in India will decide how tensions along the LoC and relations with Pakistan are to be handled
19 December 2013
Next Steps Across the LoC: The DGMO Meeting
D Suba Chandran comments on the meeting scheduled for the end of December 2013
3 December 2013
Peace Audit
Ten Years of Ceasefire along the LoC: Perspectives from Poonch

KD Maini presents an overview of the present scenario
30 November 2013
Peace Audit
Ten Years of Ceasefire along the LoC: An Evaluation

PR Chari provides an overview of the ceasefire
15 November 2013
J&K, Northeast, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu...
Regional Aspirations and National Interests

D. Suba Chandran comments on the gap between the States and New Delhi on foreign policy making
31 October 2013
Making Sense of LoC: Internal Politics & Bilateral Firings
D Suba Chandran asks why the Line of Control (LoC) has become violent after ceasing fire for almost a decade
17 October 2013
J&K: A Haven for Agents?
Shujaat Bukhari comments on allegations made by former Army chief VK Singh on corruption in the state
15 October 2013
Intrusions along LoC/IB in J&K: Pakistan’s Objectives
Rana Banerji recommends vigilance until India detects an incremental change in the Indo-Pak equation
12 October 2013
Intrusions along LoC/IB in J&K: A Wake Up Call
Dr. Ashok Bhan analyses the recent developments along the LoC and their implications
26 September 2013
J&K: Noise about AFSPA
Shujaat Bukhari comments on Union Minister of State for Home M Ramachandran's response to a question on the revocation of AFSPA
26 September 2013
A Cohen Critique: US and J&K
D Suba Chandran examines American scholarship on J7K through a reading of Stephen Cohen's book, Shooting for a Century
16 September 2013
The China Rise and J&K
D Suba Chandran explores China's interests across the Line of Actual Control (LAC)
11 September 2013
J&K: Killings Bare Stark Reality
Shujaat Bukhari comments on the killing of four people in Shopian in the run-up to Zubin Mehta's concert
10 September 2013
J&K: Concert and Concerns
Shujaat Bukhari comments on the disconnect between the portrayal of Kashmir in the recently held Zubin Mehta concert and the reality on the ground
23 August 2013
IPCS Special Commentary
From Jalalabad to LoC: Interpreting Pakistan Military’s Objectives behind the Offensive

D. Suba Chandran links the attacks in Jalalabad and LoC in explaining Pakistan's motivations 
14 August 2013
J&K: Kishtwar Riots and Surrender before Divisive forces
Shujaat Bukhari decodes the workings of domestic politics vis-a-vis the recent Kishtwar riots
8 August 2013
Pakistan and the Killings across the LoC: Tactical Offensive or a Strategic Defensive?
Lt Gen Arvinder S Lamba on what the recent killings forebode for the Indo-Pak peace process
8 August 2013
Half Yearly Review
J&K: Declining Violence, But Challenges Galore

Ashok Bhan comments as part of the IPCS Database on Peace and Conflict in South Asia
7 August 2013
J&K: The Classic Fight
Shujaat Bukhari explains the need to upgrade Kashmiri to the status of a classical language 
1 August 2013
Cross-LoC interactions in J&K: So Far, Yet Much More
D Suba Chandran deconstructs the gaps that are to be bridged between the civil society and the state
31 July 2013
J&K Bank: Credibility at stake
Shujaat Bukhari highlights reasons behind the J&K Bank receiving negative publicity
24 July 2013
India: Al Qaeda's Call to Muslim Youth
Bibhu Prasad Routray analyses the growth of the influence of Al-Qaeda among the Indian Muslim youth
24 July 2013
J&K: Land grab of a different kind
Shujaat Bukhari discusses nuances of the visit of a high-level panel of J&K State Legislative Council to New Delhi

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