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Articles are short 800-850-word commentaries that provide a more analytical view of issues currently in the news.
10 October 2016
Fragile States Index 2016
FSI and South Asia

Monish Gulati analyses the parameters used for evaluating the fragility of states
30 September 2016
India’s ‘Surgical Strike’ Across the LoC: A Preliminary Assessment
Angshuman Choudhury comments on the feasibility of a cross-LoC counter-insurgency operation for the Indian armed forces
22 August 2016
J&K Focus
J&K: Communication Strategy is Key but First, Stabilise the Streets

Lt Gen (Retd) Syed Ata Hasnain assesses India's policy options in Kashmir Valley and makes recommendations
16 August 2016
The Strategist
Rewarding Thugs

Vice Adm (Retd) Vijay Shankar comments on the failing nature of the global policy to tacitly accept Pakistan’s behaviour
10 August 2016
Jammu & Kashmir: Political Solution Required
Intekhab Khan argues that Hizb-ul-Mujahideen Commander Burhan Wani's encounter was a tactical win but its handling has caused a political loss
30 May 2016
J&K Focus
Governance & Strategic Communication: Keys to Stabilising J&K

Lt Gen (Retd) Syed Ata Hasnain identifies key areas that will require the J&K government's attention in order to ensure stability in the state
8 February 2016
Forecast 2016: Jammu and Kashmir Politics and Security
Dr Ashok Bhan assesses the political and security scenario in Jammu & Kashmir, for 2016
21 January 2016
Forecast 2016: Another Year at the Crossroads for Pakistan

Sushant Sareen takes stock of Pakistan's trajectory in 2015 and makes projections for the year ahead
27 January 2015
J&K: Nailing the Lies
Shujaat Bukhari writes why Liaqat Shah's acquittal by the NIA has a potential to set a benchmark for justice
19 January 2015
Governor's Rule and PDP's Dilemma

Shujaat Bukhari comments on the failure to deliver a state government despite the high voter turn-out 
8 January 2015
Jammu & Kashmir State Elections
J&K Election Verdict: For Integration, Not Assimilation

Ashok Bhan assesses the upshots of the assembly election results in Jammu and Kashmir, India
31 December 2014
J&K Government Formation: Tight Rope Walk
Shujaat Bukhari analyses the ongoing process of alliance-making in Jammu & Kashmir, India
24 December 2014
Jammu & Kashmir State Elections
A Fractured Mandate: The Big Picture

D Suba Chandran writes about the false starts in previous J&K elections
23 December 2014
Jammu & Kashmir State Elections
J&K: The Fractured Mandate

Shujaat Bukhari explains the political polarisation in Jammu & Kashmir
9 December 2014
J&K: Modi Couldnt do a Vajpayee in SK Stadium
Shujaat Bukhari analyses Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's public meeting in Srinagar, held on December 8
27 November 2014
Article 370 Bandwagon

Shujaat Bukhari says that the BJP has achieved its goal of making the provisions of the article a poll issue
21 November 2014
Machil Verdict and Eluding Justice
Shujaat Bukhari says that while this is a positive judgement, the same justice must extended to other cases as well
18 November 2014
Big Picture
Understanding Democracy and Diversity in J&K

Prof Varun Sahni provides historical and contemporary perspectives on the uniqueness of Jammu & Kashmir
22 October 2014
Pakistan: The Futility of Internationalising Kashmir

Sushant Sareen provides a perspective on the India-Pakistan row over Kashmir at the UN
13 October 2014
Dateline Islamabad
India-Pakistan: Working Boundaries and Lines of Uncontrolled Fire

Salma Malik writes why India and Pakistan need to review their policies and postures if both sides want genuine peace
25 September 2014
J&K Floods and the Social Media: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Deepshikha Hooda on the positive and negative contribution of the new media 
19 September 2014
Floods in J&K: Hatred, Alienation and Relief Measures
Dr Ashok Bhan recommends to avoid politicizing the rehabilitation and rescue operations
3 September 2014
Balraj Puri: Loss of a Liberal voice

Shujaat Bukhari writes an eulogy in memory of the recently deceased journalist and political commentator, Balraj Puri
28 August 2014
India, Pakistan and J&K
Processes at the cost of peace?

D Suba Chandran argues why the gains made in increasing peace shouldn't be exchanged to protect the processes that brought the change
27 August 2014
J&K: Back to square one
Shujaat Bukhari writes that while Pakistan needs to avoid provocative behaviour, India, led by Modi too has to towards bringing peace to Kashmir
26 August 2014
Travails of Post Conflict Societies
Cost of Peace

D Suba Chandran writes why no cost is too high to wage peace
19 August 2014
Jammu & Kashmir: How votes devour rights
Shujaat Bukhari writes why governments in power must shun the appeasement policy of garnering votes on populist measures
12 August 2014
Denigrating Kashmiri Muslims
Shujaat Bukhari responds to journalist Rahul Pandita's latest commentary on the Kousar Nag pilgrimage
5 August 2014
Late but welcome realization

Shujaat Bukhari writes about how Kashmiri separatists have given up hope on their “representative” bodies such as Organisation of Islamic Countries and Arab League
7 August 2014
IPCS Discussion
J&K: An Agenda for the New Government

30 July 2014
Jammu & Kashmir: The New Battle
Shujaat Bukhari writes why there could be concerns that the BJP will have an edge in deciding the future coalition in Jammu & Kashmir
22 July 2014
Jammu & Kashmir: The New Battle
Shujaat Bukhari writes about the dynamics involved in the state elections in Jammu & Kashmir
16 July 2014
Post-poll administrative inertia

Shujaat Bukhari argues that post the state elections, there appears to be a lack of will to govern, in Jammu and Kashmir.
9 July 2014
Ignoring political realities of Kashmir

Shujaat Bhukhari writes why India needs a humane approach coupled with strong political will to ensure a dignified and practicable solution to the Kashmir issue
2 July 2014
NC, NDA and Autonomy

Shujaat Bukhari writes why the upcoming Legislative Assembly elections in Jammu & Kashmir are an acid test for the state's political parties

30 June 2014
IPCS Special Commentary
J&K: Forthcoming Elections and the Peace Process

Dr Ashok Bhan says that the creation of a safe environment for voters will be another step forward towards peace in the state
24 June 2014
A stark reality
Youth and Jihad in Kashmir

Shujaat Bukhari writes about the renewed phase of Kashmiri youth opting for violence to fight for their political rights.
19 June 2014
Kashmir missing in Modis first-year priorities

Shujaat Bukhari writes that Prime Minister Narendra Modi must include both external and internal dimensions of Kashmir in his priorities
11 June 2014
What concerns young Kashmir?

Shujaat Bukhari analyses the priorities and concerns of the Kashmiri youth
5 June 2014
The NC Revamp

Shujaat Bukhari reflects on the changes within the National Conference as a result of its performance at the Lok Sabha elections
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