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Articles are short 800-850-word commentaries that provide a more analytical view of issues currently in the news.
9 October 2017
The Future of US Troops in Afghanistan: Assessing Potential Roles
Rajat Ahlawat assesses the current deployment structures and likely roles the new US troops will be deployed for, in Afghanistan
4 October 2017
Kabul Security: The NUG's Achilles Heel?
Bismellah Alizada assesses the security situation in Kabul and the broader political implications the current state-of-affairs could trigger
21 September 2017
Russia-Turkey: Implications of the New Arms Deal
Monish Gulati examines the potential geopolitical implications of the recent Russia-Turkey agreement involving the purchase of the S-400 Triumf air defence system 
15 September 2017
IPCS Discussion
Chinese Military Reform, 2013-2030

Report of the discussion on Chinese Military Reform, 2013-2030, held on 23 August 2017
5 September 2017
New Indian Defence Minister: A List of Priorities
Gp Capt (Retd) Murli Menon says that Nirmala Sitaraman has the opportunity to orchestrate a transformation in India’s defence capabilities
7 August 2017
The Strategist
A Pug, a Terrier and the Doklam Stand Off

Vice Admiral (Retd) Vijay Shankar assesses the standoff at Doklam and says any conflict will be waged on terms advantageous to India 
11 April 2017
Trump's Strike Against Syria: International Implications
Amb (Retd) KP Fabian assesses the potential implications of US President Donald Trump's missile strike on Syria's Shayrat air base
12 January 2017
India: Crises in Command?
Gp Capt (Retd) Murli Menon assesses the appointment of India's new army chief and makes recommendations for the process of reforms to the personnel policies of the Indian armed forces 
30 September 2016
India-Pakistan: Whither Surgical Strike?
Muhammad Faisal comments on the possibility, feasibility and potential implications of the recently announced 'surgical strike' by India
28 June 2016
Rightsizing the Armed Forces: Problems and Prospects
Dr Bhartendu Kumar Singh discusses manpower reductions in the Indian military modernisation discourse.

26 May 2016
Brass Tacks of the Emerging Afghan Taliban
Rajeshwari Krishnamurthy contextualises the emerging dynamics within the Afghan Taliban structure and identifies potential implications
11 April 2016
India's Air Power Crisis

Abhijit Iyer-Mitra reviews a Carnegie Endowment for International Peace report authored by Dr Ashley J Tellis on the problems facing the IAF

7 April 2016
Role of Airpower and Enhanced Jointry in the Indian Defence Forces
Gp Capt (Retd) Murli Menon draws from Parrikar's recent announcement of governmental clearance for the appointment of a Chief of Defence Staff
15 March 2016
East Asia Compass
What is the Efficacy of Sanctions on North Korea?

Dr Sandip Kumar Mishra considers the impact of the instrument in bringing about changes in the regime's provocative behaviour
14 March 2016
Spotlight West Asia
Current Syrian Peace Processes Sterile: A New Approach Needed

Ambassador Ranjit Gupta explains why a fundamentally different approach to peace is needed in Syria
1 February 2016
East Asia Compass
‘Brilliant’ Comrade: The Design in North Korean Madness

Dr Sandip Kumar Mishra argues that North Korea's actions are not as arbitrary or plain reckless as it may appear to be, and explains why
20 January 2016
Looking East
Contours of Sino-Indian relations in 2016

Wasbir Hussain analyses the potential trajectory of New Delhi-Beijing relations in the coming year
18 January 2016
Strategic Space
Forecast 2016: Nuclear Issues That Will Dominate the Year

Dr Manpreet Sethi takes stock of key nuclear issues in 2016
13 January 2016
The Pathankot Terrorist Attack and India’s Afghanistan Policy

Monish Gulati writes that the strengthening New Delhi-Kabul bilateral lies at the core of the terrorists' motivations to attack Indian assets in Pathankot and Afghanistan

27 November 2015
West Asia
Turkey: The Proverbial Spanner in the Works

Gp Capt (Retd) PI Muralidharan explains why Turkey's shoot-down of the Russian SU-24 was not a stray incident
2 November 2015
Spotlight West Asia
Potential Implications of Russia’s Military Involvement in Syria

Ambassador Ranjit Gupta takes stock of the Russian intervention in Syria and the potential outcomes of the same
27 July 2015
Voice from America
The Iran Deal: Is it Hard to Resist?

Prof Amit Gupta explains the two options the US has vis-a-vis the Iran nuclear deal in the face of opposition from different quarters
22 June 2015
China’s Wu-14: Racking Tensions in the South China Sea

Hugo Chene analyses the new developments in the South China Sea and US-China relations
1 June 2015
Spotlight West Asia
US-GCC Summit: More Hype than Substance

Amb Ranjit Gupta analyses the May 2015 US-GCC summit and projects implications the for West Asian security environment
21 April 2015
India's Rafale Deal: Why the Outright Purchase Was a Balancing Step
Air Commodore Prashant Dikshit VM (G) (Retd) writes why the direct purchase of the Rafale aircraft was a necessary strategic balancing act
20 April 2015
Voice from America
Why the Rafale Deal Must be Welcomed

Prof Amit Gupta writes why Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's decision to buy 36 off-the-shelf Rafale aircraft was in fact a strategically correct move
6 April 2015
Spotlight West Asia
Yemen: Why the Current Strife will Continue

Amb Ranjit Gupta writes about the unfolding crisis in Yemen and its potential outcomes in the near future
12 February 2015
Air Power and Future Battlefields: India's Needs
Brig (Retd) Gurmeet Kanwal explains why ground strike aircraft might be more suited to the requirements of the Indian Air Force than multi-role fighter aircraft
13 February 2015
IPCS Discussion
West Asia, Iran Nuclear Deal, and Islamic State: Review of IPCS Forecasts

Stephen Westcott reports on the proceedings of the discussion
4 November 2014
Spotlight West Asia
Islamic State: The Efficacy of Counter-strategies

Amb Ranjit Gupta evaluates the efficacy of the current strategy against the Islamic State
3 June 2014
FDI in Defence
Can 100% Foreign Investment Help India’s Defence Sector?

Aakash Brahmachari analyses whether India's decision to raise the FDI cap in the defence sector to 100 per cent is in line with the country's interests
14 September 2011
China’s Military Modernization: The Pentagon Report and Indian Fears
Bhartendu Kumar Singh cautions against the pitfalls of continued misgivings between China and India in light of the new Pentagon Report
25 November 2009
Dhruv Chopper Crash Casts Shadow Over HAL
Radhakrishna Rao speculates on the future of the HAL exports
29 July 2009
India’s Manned Space Flight: Scope and Significance
Radhakrishna Rao highlights the progress of the Indian mission slated for 2015
2 June 2009
AWACS in the IAF
Prashant Dikshit analyzes the role and importance of the latest addition to India’s air defence network
6 April 2009
Is China’s Space Militarization a Threat to India?
Radhakrishna Rao believes Chinese actions will lead to the weaponization of outer space
25 December 2008
Aerial Security Against Terror Attacks
M Shamsur Rabb Khan comments on the importance of aerial security in the wake of the Mumbai attacks
10 June 2008
Daulat Beg Oldi: Taking Wing Again
Prashant Dikshit examines India's decision to reactivate the world's highest airfield at the LAC outpost
30 May 2006
USAF-IAF Air Combat Exercises: A Review
Report of the Panel Discussion held on 25 May 2006 (Panelists: Dr Peter Lavoy, Director, Center for Contemporary Conflict, Naval Postgraduate School Monterey, USA and Maj Peter Fesler (USAF), Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey)
10 March 2005
Briefing for US Air War College Delegation
Report of the briefing held at the IPCS Conference Room on 3 March 2005
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